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W463 G Wagen Hub Conversion Wheel Spacers 25mm

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Part Number: TPI-463-SP-25-HCK

W463 G Wagen Hub Conversion Wheel Spacers 25mm

TPI Hub Conversion Kit for W463 G Wagen models which allows you to change the stud pattern (PCD) or your car so you can fit alternative wheels.

For G Wagen models which feature 5 x 130 PCD as standard.

This kit will allow you to fit 5 x 120 PCD wheels to the Mercedes W463 G Wagen.

Width of spacer each side: 25mm

Supplied as a set of 2pcs.

How to Measure 

1. Tools Required 

To properly measure your wheel gap you will need a few simple tools:

Measuring device with milimeter units 

Straight edge - Yard stick or similar

2. Check Your Gap®

Place a straight edge flush with the face of the wheel and tyre combination.

Make sure the straight edge touches the tire in two spots to keep the straight edge even with the tyre.

Use the measuring device to measure from the inside of the straight edge to the inner wing lip (see diagram).

Make sure that the measurement is taken at the point where the wheel and tyre is closest to the fender. For instance, on a car with a large amount of negative camber the tyre and wheel may be closest at the front or rear edge of the wing. 

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