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R230 SL Front Strut Brace

R230 SL Front Strut Brace

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$204.95 $204.95

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Part Number: TW2-1586

R230 SL Front Strut Brace

The Ultra Racing front upper strut bar is a fixed mounted hollow tube design bar used for chassis strengthening purposes. This helps to eliminate suspension noise during driving and increase stability during hard driving, braking and accelerating.

Every vehicles front chassis differs, this means that Ultra Racing develop and design their front strut bars individually for the vehicle fitted in mind.

Extensive testing is done for all bars to ensure that the fitted vehicles chassis is able to withstand the force applied once the bar is installed.

Ultra Racing also pride themselves for being one of the only manufactures of multi-point front bars which spread the load applied throughout the chassis rather than just between the suspension turrets.

Please ensure you provide your vehicle chassis/ VIN number when placing an order.

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