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Kleemann ECU Upgrade Tuning Box 180/200/250 CGI M271 Engine

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The EVO version of the M271 engine is a very efficient turbocharged and direct injected unit, powering mid range models such as C and E and SLK cars.

All 3 versions/sizes of this new engine are 1.8 litre, but have individual factory ECU programming for different power. 180: 156 hp 200: 184 hp 250: 204 hp.

Our K-Box (CGI) is designed for an overall performance gain, and it s a very efficient tuning product which is simple and easy to install.

If you want the very best from your 180/200/250 CGI car, we recommend adding our Sport catalyst downpipe as well as a performance air filter, which gives you the best performance available for these engines.

Special order item available 4 working days approx.

Fitting is also available; kindly contact us for pricing.

For all 1.8 M271 Turbocharged engines.

  • W204 C Class
  • W207 E Class
  • W212 E Class
  • R172 SLK

Power increase is as follows:

M271 EVO Engine -

180CGI FROM 156BHP / 250NM TO 194BHP / 302NM
200CGI FROM 184BHP / 270NM TO 224BHP / 326NM
250CGI FROM 204BHP / 310NM TO 242BHP / 375NM

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