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Kleemann ECU Upgrade Tuning Box 180/200/250 CGI M270/M274

Kleemann ECU Upgrade Tuning Box 180/200/250 CGI M270/M274

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Part Number: ECU-TB-270274-3

The Kleemann K-Box is a solid state electronic device for petrol/gasolines that modifies engine sensor signals back to the ECU.

Manipulation of these sensor signals allows an increase in boost pressure and fuel injection volume, the result is an increase in horsepower and torque.

Rugged and compact, with user adjustable power settings, the K-Box can installed in just a few minutes.

Fitting is also available; kindly contact us for pricing.

For all 1.6 & 2.0 L BE (Blue Efficiency) Engines
For M270 Engine used in:
W176 A Class
W246 B Class
W117 CLA
X156 GLA

and M274 BE (Blue Efficiency) Engine used in:
W204 C Class
W205 C Class
W212 E Class
X204 GLK

Power increase is as follows:

180 BE 1.6T FROM 122BHP/ 200NM TO 151BHP/ 255NM
200 BE 1.6T FROM 156BHP/ 250NM TO 193BHP/ 308NM
200 BE 2.0T FROM 184BHP/ 300NM TO 224BHP/ 360NM
250 BE 2.0T FROM 211BHP/ 350NM TO 245BHP/ 420NM

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