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AMG SLS Roadsterbag Luggage Set for all Coupe models

AMG SLS Roadsterbag Luggage Set for all Coupe models

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AMG SLS Custom Luggage Case Set - Suitable for all AMG SLS Coupe models.

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The lid and the handles are made of genuine leather, the remaining portions of the case are made of artificial leather. 

Furthermore, they are sold with an elaborate silver-colored double stitching. The interior is lined with a high-quality microfibre.

The cases and bags are not universal luggage but are individually adapted to your vehicle. So you can use the maximum available space.

With this bespoke luggage solution you can fully concentrate on your vacation, without having to test what fits your car into it. 

Flexible and lightweight materials are utilised and the cases feature a double padded rigid structure.

Suitcase set of 5pcs.


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